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CRC leaders wrestle with same-sex marriage: a look at Synod 2016

This year’s Synod of the Christian Reformed Church in North America (CRCNA) received a report from the Committee to Pr...

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Response to Matthew Tuininga on Sexuality and Scripture

Let me begin by warmly thanking Matthew Tuininga, who has become my good friend, for the generous spirit of his response...

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Sexuality and the Gospel: my response to Nicholas Wolterstorff

A few weeks ago Nicholas Wolterstorff made big news when he delivered a speech at Neland Avenue Christian Reformed Churc...

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Calvin alum to head US Department of Education

A Calvin College graduate is poised to take a top position in President-elect Donald Trump’s new administration. Betsy...

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Waltman Lake

Any student of Calvin College has probably been invited to one retreat or another. Dorm retreats might be the most commo...

The rhetoric of the Rhetoric Center

Every student who’s graduated high school has written papers of various sorts. In college, these papers come more ...

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Calvin a model for armed campus safety officers at Christian colleges

Officials at Wheaton College in Illinois are looking to Calvin College as they consider arming their campus safety offic...

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Calvin Improv: just a team having fun

This is where theatre and comedy combine into one magnificent display of courageous silliness. The stage is small, but y...

Reclaiming Peter De Vries’ Legacy and Influence: an interview with Dr. James Bratt

In the canon of Dutch American figures, one voice in particular towers over all others.  This voice of course is that of Herman Melville, the author of “Moby Dick.”  Behind Melville however, sits a lesser-known Dutch […]

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This year in interims

As fall is just beginning to show its colors in the slow changing leaves, students are far from thinking of the cold win...