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(106) Gallery lease not renewed

This week, Calvin College announced that it would not be renewing the lease of the (106) Gallery downtown, a property th...

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Calvin tops U.S. News & World Report lists

The U.S. News & World Report announced its 2017 lists of the best colleges this Tuesday, and Calvin can now boast th...

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Administration racing to re-invigorate the arts

While Calvin’s arts departments have received many blows to programs, faculty positions and morale over the last few y...

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Student org spotlight: HR Club

At some point in your career life, it is inevitable that you will come into contact with a human resources department. A...

Photo by Julia McKee
Jim Wallis speaks on race in America

On Monday, Sept. 12, Rev. Dr. Jim Wallis opened Calvin’s Center for Faith & Writing fall 2016 series with a speech...

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Renovated dining hall combines the familiar with the new

Commons Dining Hall is not what it used to be. According to many students (and many pizza-lovers), that is a very good t...

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Outlook offers change and security

On August 16, students stopped receiving emails in their Gmail accounts. No, financial services did not decide to stop n...

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Convocation welcomes new year, new students, new age

Composed of a multitude of faculty members and staff, as well as the incoming first-year class and returning students, t...

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New student IDs accompanied by new system

Returning Calvin students may be used to renewing their student IDs for various reasons. Whether it splits in half, wear...

Spotlighting student organizations

Perhaps you went to Cokes and Clubs last night and witnessed the wonderful madhouse and monument to student involvement that are Calvin’s student organizations (affectionately called “student orgs”). There are more than 70 student organizations at […]