Articles by Sam Wade

Sam Wade

Sam Wade is a Chimes staff writer for the 2012-13 school year.

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‘Asylum’ follows tropes and promises complex scares

From the moment it was announced that season two of “American Horror Story” would be a period piece set in an asylum...

‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ offers comedy with more serious themes

An indie comedy as wonderful as “Safety Not Guaranteed” can seem as easy to write off as a foolproof recipe for choc...

Directed by Sam Fell and Chris Butler, the film centers on Norman, a zombie obsessed eleven year old, and a victim of the school’s not as-smart-as-they-come bully Alvin. File photo
ParaNorman: quirky depiction of classic fable

Equal parts old-school and cutting edge, “ParaNorman” is a delightfully funny, thought provoking, and visually innov...