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Articles by Ryan Struyk

Ryan Struyk

Ryan Struyk was the Chimes editor in chief for fall 2013. He's a senior studying mathematics and political science. Being a journalist means being both student and teacher of the world, and that’s why his job is the best one out there.

Editorial: Sabbath keeping

When’s the last time you had a 24-hour block of time when you didn’t think about school, didn’t think about work a...

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Editorial: Why Le Roy’s student panel is not enough

This fall, President Le Roy announced a search committee for a new provost, and one thing stuck out to us — there is n...

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Editorial: Core changes

Over my last 18 months of being on leadership at Chimes, few things have really surprised me. But this week, my jaw drop...

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Editorial: LOFT and change

Back in the day, when I was a worship apprentice, I remember our team tossing around the idea of phasing out the song ...

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Calvin community to remember life of senior student Eric De Groot

Check out a personal note from the author in this week’s editorial. When Kory Kiefer first moved into the dorms at...

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Editorial: Death and Resurrection

It’s hard to feel like you know someone you’ve never met. Yet, I had the honor of meeting senior student Eric De Gro...

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Editorial: Ending our National-World section

We hear a lot on campus about the “Calvin bubble.” During our four years, it’s easy to get sucked into things like...

Last year, editor in chief Abby Zwart snapped this picture of Moses rushing out of the Chaos Day competition.
Schultze-Eldersveld residents clash with renowned Moses statue

Several students from Schultze-Eldersveld, including one who jumped on top of a minivan, chased Calvin’s legendary Mos...

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Schultze-Eldersveld goes for back-to-back titles, RD goes for fifth straight

In the four years Emily Colledge has been resident director (RD) of Schultze-Eldersveld (SE), she’s won all four Chaos...

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Calvin to begin search for new provost

Calvin has started to form a committee that will search for a new provost to replace Claudia Beversluis, who completes h...