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Richard Chimes

Richard Chimes is in his 51st year as the official mascot of Chimes.

Letter to the Editor: Tuition

Here’s an issue for Calvin students to protest — the 2017 increases in tuition, fees, room and board. Like clockwork, President Le Roy endorses annual increases of three to four percent; always justified with annual blah […]

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A letter to Turning Point USA

Dear Professor Watchlist, We, the undersigned faculty members at Calvin College, write to request that you add all of ou...

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Calvin SAO pick the best albums of 2016

“Lemonade” – Beyonce Jordan Petersen In keeping pace with the infamous surprise release of her 2013 self-title...

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Letter to the Editor

I want to be tender and mild here because it’s Christmastime, but I was troubled by your so-called “ultimate 2016 Ch...

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This year in interims

As fall is just beginning to show its colors in the slow changing leaves, students are far from thinking of the cold win...

Richard Chimes introduces new website

Welcome back, student body! This is your friendly mascot, Richard Chimes, reporting. Imagine yourself at the grocery sto...