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Paulina Heule

Paulina Heule is a Chimes staff writer for the 2012-13 school year.

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons
Hurricane Sandy stirs up discussion on climate change

For most individuals this week, the main focus has been the constant hum of the Presidential election. Yet, for those in...

Negotiations continue in Greece

This week, Greece looks to negotiate an extension of their bailout plans with the European Union. For more than two year...

China allowed a series of protests regarding the islands over the weekend. File photo
Dispute over island ownership creates tension between Japan and China

Located in the East China Sea between Okinawa and Taiwan lies a group of islands creating economic and nationalistic dis...

Jan Pieter Balkenende of the Netherlands was a key speaker at the event. File photo
West Michigan thinks globally during Gala Initiative

Business leaders from West Michigan and about two dozen business leaders from the Netherlands met at the West Michigan G...

Beijing National Curriculum Taken Down After Protests

In Hong Kong, a former British colony which was returned to China in 1997, the government has decided to cancel plans to...

By the time the drug was pulled from the market, more than 10,000 babies worldwide had been born with a range of disabilities caused by the drug. File photo
After 50 years, Grunenthal apologizes

This Friday, the German company that invented the drug Thalidomide — a drug sold in the 1950s as a cure for morning si...