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Articles by Maxwell Howard

Maxwell Howard

Maxwell Howard is the Chimes Features Editor for the 2012-13 school year.

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I’m your tourist, Detroit

The first time I actually articulated that I was a tourist, I was in Detroit’s Fisher Building. As I stared up at the ...

Cargotecture in Detroit

As a city in an abnormal position, Detroit is beginning to find abnormal (and wonderful) solutions. It is not only its f...

Proponents attempt to sell Detroit's unique aesthetic to X Games' target audience.
Detroit courting X Games

Imagine a near-future Detroit in which we had a summer bringing in tens of thousands of festival goers to see a mixture ...

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My Teacher’s Glock: Safety In The School Place

For some time, we have had security guards with guns in schools. We have had metal detectors, evacuation drills and lock...

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Whole Foods, Urban Planning and Food Deserts

On March 5, the real estate broker Mike Murray, who works for Collier International, announced to the press that three s...

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How I Realized I Was (Kind Of) Catholic

Despite my family’s thin connections to Catholicism, as I prepared to leave elementary and graduate to the sixth grade...

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Calvin’s archives

From time to time, we like to think what we do will live on in memory. Whether it be a small gesture of an individual or...

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National apology to native peoples largely overlooked

As some of you may have already seen in student news, there has been talk recently about the public reading of the natio...

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In Defense of Technology

I do not know if the constant quoting of Henry David Thoreau is, in a way, particularly fixed to my generation, or if he...

Student senate appoints students to sit on governance committees every year. Photo by Reid Petro
Spotlight on governance committees

Undoubtedly, the process in which Calvin College is led is complicated. If I wanted to oversimplify it, I could say that...