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Articles by Kemal Talen

Obama’s budget proposal has long road ahead

On April 10, 2013, President Obama proposed a new budget that will cut social security benefits, reduce tax loopholes fo...

Efforts to introduce legislation lead immigration reform

Business and labor officials negotiating on an effort to introduce a new immigration reform bill in the U.S. Senate, are...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Netanyahu re-establishes detente with Turkey

Following the ebullience of President Barack Obama’s reception in Israel, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netan...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Angry mob targets Pakistani Christians for “blasphemy”

An angry mob in Lahore, Pakistan, exacted its own retribution for a crime of blasphemy by burning down the homes of seve...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Leaking of nuclear waste documented for first time in U.S. since 2005

The Hanford Site, located in the town of Hanford, Wash., is the topic of recent public criticism concerning leaking nucl...

Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Use of drones in targeted killings sparks criticism at nomination hearing

The Obama administration has promoted the use of drones and condemned the use of interrogation and detention facilities ...