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Articles by Joseph Matheson

Joseph Matheson

Joseph Matheson is the Chimes print editor for the 2013-14 school year. Joseph Matheson is a senior, majoring in biology and philosophy, and is also president of the chess club. He’s 6’1″, has phenomenal music taste and rarely feels any emotion besides sleepiness. He consumes bananas by the bushel, once biked 30 miles for a sandwich and suspects that there is something supernatural about Swedish Fish. Biggest fears: children, old people, eyeball cancer.

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83rd annual senate debate showcases competing executive teams

On Tuesday night, the DeVos Center was home to the 83rd annual student senate debate. The well-attended event featured t...

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Editorial: Plants and gardening are the seed of a peaceful, harmonious mode of existence

I have a longstanding argument with some chemists over whether plants or animals are better: I argue for plants, they th...

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Calvin approves proposal for new community garden

A proposal for a new community garden located on properties off of Hampshire Street (west of the gym) was recently appro...

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Editorial: man vs. nature

In his poem “Marginalia,” Billy Collins says, “If you have managed to graduate from college / Without ever having ...

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Editorial: Self-care critical in college

The chances that you, the reader, got more than eight hours of sleep last night is, at best, 50 percent. I’m going to ...

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Editorial: Towards a feminist conception of masculinity

Few people discuss masculinity as a gender to the same degree as femininity, and when they do, the focus is on the toxic...

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Editorial: Home is a physical location

Until last September, I had never had my own room. Well, that’s not entirely true. When I was 10, I lived on the landi...

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Directions for further discussion on historicity of Genesis

Connor Sterchi’s recent article regarding the historicity of Genesis has sparked some conversation on what seems to me...

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Editorial: Olympics a celebration

The Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia this year were, as always, preceded and accompanied by critical commentary on the i...

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Editorial: Why do we jump in the Sem Pond?

This past Friday, I jumped into the freezing, slimy, bacteria-infested waters of the Seminary Pond for the fourth year i...