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Articles by Jonathan Hielkema

Jonathan Hielkema

Jonathan Hielkema is a Chimes staff writer for Chimes for the 2013-2014 school year. He prefers to write about any and all of his main interests, which include jazz music, leftist politics, religion, film and gadgets. He is a history major and a Japanese minor and plans to pursue a graduate school degree after graduation. Anything to keep him writing.

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Sleep cleanses the brain of toxins

Sleep is considered a universal need among humans, which has suggested that it serves some kind of vital purpose. That p...

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A&E staff hail their favorite Halloween and horror-themed movies

In honor of Halloween and the context of fright and terror that surrounds it, our arts and entertainment staff came up w...

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C/O Exist highlights Middle Eastern culture

Thursday, Oct. 17 was the kickoff day for a special campus event put together as a “love letter” to Middle Eastern c...

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Shad’s ‘Flying Colours’ loses momentum

Shad has always had a flare for quiet and ornate production, using plenty of acoustic and electric instrumentation in ad...

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What to do about the government shutdown

Students of a certain political persuasion will no doubt see truth in this prophecy: “The question of the state is now...

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Report says climate change hurting ocean life

A new report from the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (IPSO) warns that human activity is accelerating...

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Appealing ‘Bones’ from CHVRCHES

Contemporary music culture of an accessibly underground sort, embodied in web formed by publications like Pitchfork, the...

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Melt Yourself Down’s intense debut impresses

Hailing from London, Melt Yourself Down is an ensemble dedicated to controlled chaos and music without borders. Led by s...

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Valve announces SteamOS

On Monday, Sept. 23, Valve announced the impending release of SteamOS, an operating system that will deliver the ability...

Beautiful and metaphorical ‘Tsuritama’ impresses

“Tsuritama” is an animated show about fishing, but from that phrase alone we can infer that the scope of its subject...