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John Muyskens

I’m John Muyskens and I’m the science and technology editor for the 2013-14 school year, while serving as the web manger as well. Computers have fascinated me since I was able to work a mouse (rest in peace, Doug Engelbart). When I am not fiddling with my page in the Chimes or designing posters for the SAO, you may find me studying that most poorly-named academic field: computer science.

Senate Election Poll Results

Chimes took an informal poll of 210 students Wednesday evening to capture current student opinions before Thursday’s election. The Executive race looks to be close, but the majority of students polled were still unsure of their vote. […]

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Mozilla Corp. CEO resigns over controversy

Brendan Eich resigned on April 3 after a one-and-a-half week term as CEO of the Mozilla Corporation, a company best know...

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Calvin website redesign targets mobile devices, prospective students

Visitors to Calvin’s website will notice a major redesign next week. According to Tim Ellens, director of communic...

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Japanese bitcoin exchange faces unexpected shutdown

Mt. Gox, a prominent Japanese bitcoin exchange, ceased transactions and shuttered its website Monday. The shutdown comes...

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Calvin students design new resource for ordering textbooks

With their new website, Peter VandeHaar and Matt Greeley want to change the way you buy books for classes online. The id...

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Google’s book scanning ruled fair use by judge

A judge dismissed a copyright lawsuit regarding Google Books on Thursday, Nov. 14. The Authors Guild brought the lawsuit...

Visualized: The Decade in Calvin Enrollment

The following is an interactive data visualization presenting data from Calvin Enrollment’s annual Day 10 report. ...

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Curiosity uncovers surprising amount water in Martian soil

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has found water on Mars. Analysis by the rover Curiosity reveal...

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2013 Ig Nobel Prizes awarded for absurd achievements

The 2013 Ig Nobel prize winners were announced Thursday, Sept. 12 at Harvard University. Each year the magazine “T...

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Exploration finds cryptocurrency mining on campus infeasible

Nathan Menkveld, a senior computer science major, had an idea to harness Calvin’s computing power to generate extr...