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John Kloosterman

John Kloosterman is the Chimes opinion and editorial editor for the 2012-13 school year.

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Letter to the Editor: LGBT feature

Dear Editor, As an alumnus, I’ve been tracking the discussion about last week’s LGBT feature online. The response I...

Introduction to same-sex marriage op-ed pieces

Christians should support the legalization of gay marriage by Kellan Day and Daniel Camacho Support for same-sex marriag...

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Calvin works to improve Internet despite lack of formal student complaints

When John Adriance does research in his apartment in Knollcrest East, the on-campus wireless Internet connection can’t...

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Diamandis says technology empowers, but does it limit human traits?

Peter Diamandis talked at the January Series about how he is optimistic that technology, because of the way that it deve...

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Editorial: Nov. 9

As we reported last week, Calvin asked fun. not to bring along the “village” of booths that would come along with th...

Calvin took out loans in order to build facilities like the CFAC.
Calvin plans for upcoming budget shortfall

Calvin is facing a 10 percent budget shortfall that must be accounted for in the next five years. Newly-inaugurated pres...

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Editorial: Oct. 19

Last week, we published an Op-Ed article about politics and Christianity which provoked strong responses, both in agreem...

Violent video games and movies permissible

I went to see the SAO’s showing of “The Hunger Games” last weekend and stayed around for the discussion. Prof. Van...

Study guides are a common sight for many preparing for the GRE.  Creative Commons
GRE considered harmful

Like many Calvin students, I’m working on my applications to graduate school. Unfortunately, this involves taking the ...