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Gabe Gunnink

Gabe Gunnink is a Chimes staff writer for the 2012-13 school year.

Opinion: Giving should depend on an organization’s works, not its values

After learning about World Vision’s landmark decision to employ faithfully married gay individuals and the decision’...

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Stories of spiritual intimacy offer humor and hope

Imagine standing amidst an idyllic worship scene with your hands idly at your side. You don’t feel a connection — on...

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Critique of LOFT sermon missed central themes

Two weeks ago in Sunday LOFT, Pastor Mary offered students a sermon on Christian sexual ethics. Last week, the Chimes ra...

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The informed voter: true confrontation

Watch every existing episode of “Say Yes to the Dress,” fight a water buffalo, actually take the time to floss my te...

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?  File photo
‘SNL effect’ sways voters whether they like it or not

This article is part five of a series on informed voting The most memorable line spoken by Sarah Palin in the 2008 presi...

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The informed voter: newsletters

Today I opened my email for a daily check-up to find 21 new messages. “Wow! 21 messages in less than 24 hours! Gabe mu...

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The informed voter: volunteering

Being politically active isn’t always glamorous. In fact, it very rarely is. What we see of politics are potential can...

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The informed voter: registration

Registration. It is a word that college students are trained to fear. It means long meetings with advisors, frantic rear...

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The informed voter: an introduction

I am not a political science major. In fact, U.S. Government was probably my least favorite class in high school. Additi...