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Articles by Abby Zwart

Abby Zwart

Abby Zwart is the editor in chief of Chimes for the 2012-13 school year. She is a senior secondary education and English major. This is her fourth year on Chimes staff and second as editor in chief.

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Editorial: Least Action

I’ve been writing for Chimes for four years and have occupied this editorial space for two. This is my last hurrah, an...

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Editorial — On Humility

The cool light of your computer screen glows in the impending dusk of your bedroom. Squinting at the text, which seems t...

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes to Calvin in form of concert, lecture

What do a Jewish musician and a Palestinian Christian have in common? There’s no punch line to this one, except to say...

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Editorial: An open letter to student senate

Dear 2013-2014 student senate, It’s election week.  I’ve never been a huge fan, but this year I’m particularly pe...

Cabinet candidate withdraws, all races now unopposed

This year’s already unusual student senate elections, which began Wednesday at midnight, took another interesting turn...

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Editorial: April 12

What do you look for in a significant other? It’s a deceptively simple and endlessly compelling question. As the etern...

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Editorial: April 5 — Rebel with a (few) cause(s)

Things my generation likes: social justice, recycling, urban gardens, guerilla art, TED Talks, TOMS, fair but not equal,...

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Editorial: March 15 – The Burning House

It’s very likely that in elementary or middle school you completed a worksheet called “Survive the Wild” or “Des...

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Editorial: Mar. 8 – Finding the beautiful

I’m a collector of quotations. Cliche for an English major, I know. But one that’s stuck with me since early high sc...

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Report points to building projects as primary source of financial troubles

Confused? Check out our infographic explaining what happened. Calvin’s method of financing construction projects signi...