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Kent County voters approve public schools millage

Local elections don’t usually measure up to the high drama we’re used to from last November, but they make a great d...

Various panels spanned the three-day event for the Henry Institute. Photo courtesy
Political convention explores diverse views

The Henry Institute’s Symposium on Religion and Public Life brought together scholars, students and practitioners from...

Andrew Oppong received 56 percent of the vote. Photo courtesy Calvin Senate.
Student presidential race a close call, Oppong wins

Andrew Oppong narrowly beat Billy Fredericks in the race for student body president last week, receiving 56 percent of t...

The commuter-only study space can be found in the corner of Johnny's, with a view of commons lawn; Photo by Julia McKee.
Johnny’s corner set aside for commuters

According to student senate member Laura Harjanto, a first-year senator, commuter students have expressed a need for a d...

29.2 percent of Calvin's faculty were part time as of fall 2016; Photo courtesy
Calvin’s use of adjuncts increasing, still below average

Calvin is following a national trend by using a higher percentage of adjunct professors in recent years, though it still...

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Insulin could play a part in reversing Alzheimer’s symptom

With its creeping, irreversible symptoms, Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is terrifying and devastating. Yet with recent adva...

“Father of environmental justice” declares climate change a human rights issue. Photo courtesy Sierra Club.
Robert Bullard declares climate change a human rights issue

Considered by many to be the Father of environmental justice, Robert Bullard presented on Monday in the chapel as the cu...

Accident leads to discovery of plastic eating worms

Many of the world’s greatest scientific breakthroughs happened in laboratories, but every so often, curious discoveries are fueled by chance. A recent example of such a discovery — caterpillars who can chew and potentially digest plastic […]

Calvin students participate in climate advocacy march on Saturday,  April 29.  Photo courtesy Miriam Kornelis.
Students join evangelical climate advocacy in D.C.

Six Calvin students participated in the Acting in Faith: Evangelical Climate Advocacy Days event that took place in Wa...

Photo courtesy Calvin College.
Alvin Plantinga Q&A

Philosopher and professor emeritus Alvin Plantinga is this year’s Templeton Prize laureate. Chimes sat down with Plant...