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Professor Noe draws on scripture and John Calvin’s writing as he leads a study on suffering.  Photo courtesy David Noe.
Calvin prof starts multi- generational Bible study

Professor David Noe of the classics department began a Bible study in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) tradition o...

Fifth Reformed Church sits close to Calvin on Griggs Street. Photo courtesy Fifth Reformed Church.
Looking at local churches: Fifth Reformed Church

Less than a mile from Calvin’s campus, Fifth Reformed Church sits tucked back in a well-developed neighborhood on Grig...

Graphs from the Pew Research Center depict polarization. 
Photo courtesy Pew Research Center.
38 Calvin faculty sign post-election commitment and confession

Thirty-eight Calvin faculty and staff members joined hundreds of Christian faculty from across the United States in sign...

Photo from Pixabay user Pexels.
Is my God your God?

Christian is a word that envelopes a whole lot of different kinds of people. Here at Calvin, many of those people can be...

Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Dorms are better than commuting

Let me preface this by saying that one cannot generalize about all of Calvin’s commuters nor all of the students livin...

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Practicing the day of rest

Like many students, I came to Calvin for many reasons. I came because I could study the subjects that I wanted, I could ...

Maaike Mudde, Kendra Larsen and Kaitlyn Farris laugh as they roast marshmallows over a burner. Photo credit  Suzanne Melin.
The garden house

Behind the leafy green of the Calvin Community Garden lies a quite ordinary looking house. Apart from the candle with th...

Photo courtesy Kansas University.
Fulbright and Goldwater research scholarships awarded to students

Three Calvin students recently received major academic awards: sophomore Nathaniel Kazmierczak was named a Goldwater sch...

Students make cases for new org charters

Thirteen potential student organizations have applied to be among Calvin’s 70 officially chartered spots for the 2017-2018 academic year. The proposals accepted for consideration are the Apologetics Club, Astronomy Club, Calvin Democrats, Christian Leader Institute, Prison […]

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B.S./B.S.C. core exemption proposal fails

The proposal to grant an exemption from the Persons in Community (PIC) core category and the second year of foreign lang...