Faculty senate approves creation of Student House of Representatives

Photo by Abby Zwart
Photo by Abby Zwart

On Monday night, faculty senate unanimously approved a decision to establish a ‘Student House of Representatives’ in an attempt to balance the power that the current student senate holds.

According to the proposal submitted by the student body, the new student House will possess the power to approve or disapprove any decisions the current senate makes.

Faculty senate chair Jan Berghol was enthusiastic about the switch, saying “The decision marks a new era in student governance, as now there will be two levels of governance that do not do anything.”

Outside the faculty senate meeting room, students cheered, while representatives from student senate planned to appeal the decision.

“We do not appreciate the fact that there will now be another governing body to potentially prevent us from doing whatever we want with our budget,” said student body president Davey Quenzi. “We will do whatever we can to return to an authoritarian rule over the student body.”

So far the student response has been overwhelmingly positive, with social media posts indicating celebratory events planned for the night. Nite Life has already looked into reserving the Amway Grand.

The new Student House of Representatives will feature three representatives from each grade level. Elections will be held during the fourth week of the upcoming school year in an all-day event on commons lawn.

Details surrounding the voting process will be revealed as elections draw near.

Another proposal that was tabled for future discussion during the meeting was one submitted by Judicial Affairs for a ‘Student Supreme Court’. The proposal indicated that the positions would provide credit for pre-law students and prepare students for jury duty.

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