Chaos Day 2013: Full Results



Full Chaos Day Coverage:

Rooks-VanDellen wins 45th annual Chaos Day

Schultze-Eldersveld wins Cup of Perspective after placing fourth

Sudanese refugees cheer on dorms at Chaos Day

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The 2014-15 Chimes staff is proud to bring you news from the Calvin community!

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John Muyskens

John Muyskens is the Print editor for the 2014-15 school year. Computers have fascinated him since he was able to work a mouse (rest in peace, Doug Engelbart). When he is not fiddling with his page in the Chimes or designing posters for the SAO, you may find him studying that most poorly-named academic field: computer science.

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Anna Delph

My name is Anna Delph and I’m the photography editor for the 2013-14 school year. I’m a sophomore, born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas-Fort Worth. I intend to major in something like photojournalism or documentary film. I have been taking pictures since I was old enough to hold a camera and I'm glad to finally put my hobby to good use.

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