Welcome to our new religion section!


Why make a religion section at all?

Great question! We realized that students might be uninformed on the broad range of denominations, religious traditions and ideas that exist among the student body, let alone in the Grand Rapids area and among our students abroad. Movements, books, institutions and ideas are constantly emerging around us, here on campus and across continents. As Calvin students at a Christian institution, we assume we know all the stuff we need to know about religion. The religion section is a place to catch up on just that, religion news.

So what are you going to write about?

We hope to publish a broad range of news articles. These could range from a summary of Rob Bell’s new book to a student interview on Eastern Orthodoxy. The goal is to inform and to encourage the faith of Calvin students, and with this vision, the sky’s the limit. We will be running articles covering church experiences of abroad students, new religious clubs and programs starting at Calvin, interviews of area pastors and articles that promote interfaith dialogue.

Aren’t you worried about arguments becoming too heated?

There is a big distinction between the religion section and the op-ed section. Often at Calvin when we think of religious articles written by students, we think controversy. Debate is valuable and has its place, but the religion section is aimed to be more of an unbiased news source than a place for disagreement. While articles should spark debate and conversation, we hope that can be continued in the op-ed section.

Are you only going to write from a Christian Reformed perspective?

Of course! Ha, just kidding. The goal is to broaden the minds of Calvin students. The world is a whole lot bigger than our community and while we may run articles on churches in the area and happenings in the Christian Reformed Church, our goal is to inform students on many different perspectives, including different faith traditions.

How can students help out?

We need eager readers and writers! We have many different states, countries, church backgrounds and traditions represented at Calvin and we would love to represent these in the religion section. To make this possible, email chimes@calvin.edu about writing!

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