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Archive for April 24th, 2014

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‘The Idolatry of God’ breaks down dangerous ideas about God

Peter Rollins’ publishers have certainly found a branding image that works for them. The back of “The Idolatry of Go...

Photo by Jeff Wohl.
Baseball team’s bats go cold in rain and snow

Calvin’s baseball team struggled this week as they battled harsh weather and tough teams. Calvin started their week wi...

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Researchers track ants, discover formic careers

When it comes to workforce patterns and habits, it seems that human beings aren’t unique in our stir-craziness and “...

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Scientists to turn to plants for bed bug control

Bed bugs, beware — the scourge of homes, hotels and hospitals may someday be defeated, thanks to a group of U.S. unive...

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Khmer Rouge Tribunal finds itself in a race against time

Justice still awaits the citizens of Cambodia as the Khmer Rouge trial drags on with no end in sight. Only two leaders o...

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict comes to Calvin in form of concert, lecture

What do a Jewish musician and a Palestinian Christian have in common? There’s no punch line to this one, except to say...