Poetry Jam to showcase local talent Friday

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File photo.

Prepare your snapping fingers, because this Friday, from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., the Multicultural Student Development Office  (MSDO) and the Festival of Faith and Music are hosting Poetry Jam in the Cave Cafe.  This event showcases the musical and poetic talents of Calvin students, alumni and some Grand Rapids locals as well.

“It’s an event that showcases the art of the spoken word,” stated Nicole Parker, who works at the MSDO. “It shows us another way at looking at poetry, and really connects us with the surrounding community.”

“Poetry Jam is a national event, and the event helps bring students and alumni from other colleges. This helps to bring us together as a community and brings Calvin into a different light,”  Parker said.

This time, Poetry Jam will be hosting a Calvin alumna, Marcel Gamble, who is a published poet, and the writer of the poem featured during Calvin’s Quest: “I Am A Man.” There will also be other known artists from around the area, including Azizi Jasper, who will be coming to this event.

The event will also feature an open mic. Students can either sign up through a link found in student news, or they can just bring their poems and read during the open mic.

“I like seeing people come to life, and I love to see how talented they are. This event is kind of like a platform to help students express how they’re feeling through their art. It is a relaxed and open atmosphere where anyone can break out of their shell. It’s really a wonderful thing,” said Parker, smiling to herself. “It shows that we do have something to offer, and because of that, it becomes sort of a testimony.”

Original songs and poetry will be showcased throughout the event. After Calvin’s Got Talent, this event will go even farther to bring out the artistic side of Calvin, and to show that Christians can both critique and create culture.

“This event brings Calvin into a different light for a lot of people. It’s a neat event, and I hope a lot of students will participate,” Parker said. “Because we’re hosting the event on Friday instead of Wednesday, some of the performers we’re used to can’t come anymore. So it would be great to see some more students step forward and share their art.”