Preview: Airband 2013


“For the kids”

One group to be sure to watch is the group called “For the Kids”. This group includes: Rian Bylsma, Daniel Ferrell, Jeffrey Kamp, Andrew Kollen, Kyle Mailhot, Aaron Potter, Adam Quinone, Daniel VandeBunte, Philip Van Eck, Seth Wilson, Ian Graham, Frederick Ankomah, Chris Poquette, and Joel Altena.

“We are not just doing 90s music, we are also doing songs from this generation for the kids as well,” said Altena.

These fourteen guys come from Third Huizenga and they are ready to show you how to have a good time. They will be doing 18 songs that come mostly from the 90s. The group will have some Disney songs and a few pop songs as well. These guys plan on bringing the song to life through their performance.

“Our audience should be prepared for some surprises, and potentially some acrobats. We are a wild card, but that’s where you’ll find some of the best surprises,” said Graham.


“1-Z” is a group that is energetic and ready to have fun. They are a diverse group of 14 members. The members of the group are Yuri Paek, Will De Lange, Stephanie Kang, Adrianne Wang, Courtney Gruner, Tina Urena, Chris Thyberg, Elena Buis, Ben Podnar, Paul Choi, Mary Van Poolen, Titus Hankins, Luke Hankins, and Connor Schmidt.

“Through this experience we have all become really good friends,” said Paek about the experience.

“1-Z”’s theme is dreams. Their goal is to tell a story of a boy and a girl during Quest their freshman year of college. They have many different types of songs that are all dream related. Each person in the act has a special part to look out for.
“It’s a humorous story line with a couple of dance numbers thrown in,” said Podnar about the groups upcoming performance.



“90’s Kids”

“90’s Kids” features Hailey De Jong, Kayla Danahy, Linnea Venhousen, Erika Steensma, Tina Geelhoed, Michala Jewell, Linette Taylor, Claire Dornbush, Autumn Oostindie, and Jen Hartstein as they recreate some of the favorite memories of our childhoods.  This energetic group went all-out in terms of costuming and haircuts, bringing back overalls and mall bangs with a vengeance. They go by the motto: “if you believe, you can achieve anything that Britney and the Backstreet boys could, combined.”  They hope to perform something new and exciting, yet also reminiscent of unique culture and music that the 90’s produced.



“Black and Yellow”

Jonathan Chong, Rae Mason, Colton Credelle, Jaunté Davis, Terrance Paige, Segun Oyesile, Kofi Akyeampong, Therese Mualla, Grace Hostler, and Toyin Ogunsanya will perform “Black and Yellow” this year.  They are a group that values diversity in both music and skill, while still being able to work together easily.  Since many members have known each other for three to four years, it is a close-knit group that strongly believes that “they are a movement.”  They have a blast performing, and hope that the audience will too on Saturday.  “Come expecting nothing less than excellence” Jonathan Chong says.



“4 PM”

“4 PM” is a group consisting of David Lee, Samuel Lee, Yejoon Chung, Chanho Park, Sege Jung, Gabe Gonzaga, Jonghyun Han, Susan Alley, Jane Lee, Lydia Song, Joan Paik, Sarah Shin, Joy Baek, and Caroline Cha.  They have chosen the theme “love hurts” for their performance, and through their dance will be portraying a story from the life of one of their members.  This style is completely new for the usually boy-band themed 4 PM, and while it has been a challenge to organize, the group feels prepared to deliver an act full of dancing talent and powerful emotion.

“Sesame Street Muppet Punches” (not pictured)

Come prepared to sing along with the Sesame Street Muppet Punches as they will have a little bit of everything in their 12 song group. The audience will be hearing hit songs from today being played, along with a few songs from the 90s.

“We are definitely going to put on a show, that’s for sure,” said Meckes.

The members of the “Sesame Street Muppet Punches” are Aaron Meckes, Ben de Waal Malefyt, Calvin Kuyers, Mickey DeVries, and Shawn Silva. They are ready to make the audience laugh and have fun up there on stage. These boys are going to throw a few surprises while they are up there and they want the audience to get involved as much as possible.

“You will be in tears of laughter, and that’s what we are going for,” said DeVries about their upcoming performance.

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