Letters to the Editor – Feb. 15


23 across: the important part of the paper

Dear Editor,

I would like to open with praise for the past few months: you have been fairly faithful with crossword inclusion. The obvious exception is interim, when crossword craving is highest due to reduction in academic mental stimulation.

You, however, were apparently far too busy to throw some articles together which would, as they do most weeks, warrant an excuse to print some crosswords. However, I do not wish to dwell on this; there is a much bigger, more pungent, fish to fry.

This fish is none other than last week’s King Crossword, as well as the King Crossword from the week before. “Those are two different fish!” you say? I wish it were so, for therein lies the grievance. The papers from February 1 and February 8 included the same crossword. I understand it must be difficult to find someone else’s crossword every week and reproduce it in Chimes.

The temptation to recycle the puzzles, especially on the heels of Kill-a-Watt, must at times feel too great to resist. However, I implore you to persevere in the arduous search for new crosswords. If my letters have done anything but encourage you in this task, I heartily apologize. I need not remind you that I speak, not as one man, but for the masses.

Thank you,

Corey Van Dyk ’13

More coverage of “Shrew” necessary

Dear Editor,

A resounding BRAVO! to the cast of Calvin Theater Company’s “Taming of the Shrew.” I flew to Grand Rapids from Maryland to see the play (okay … to see my Calvin student in the play) and I absolutely loved the show. The sold-out audience was testament, too, to the talent displayed, both on stage and behind. The set design was exceptionally well done, and the actors gave brilliant performances. As the audience was leaving (both nights that I saw the show), I heard only glowing accolades for the cast and crew. I was hoping that Chimes would have a post-production article, or that during the run of the show, there would have been a review, but I did not see any. The Calvin Theater Company is doing marvelous work and the school newsletter should be encouraged to promote the talent and hard work that these theater folks accomplish.

Debe Tighe
Bowie, Maryland

Campus store mail service will be missed

Dear Editor,

Just this week it was announced that the campus store is discontinuing their last useful service to the student body — the mail service. This is just one more example that those overseeing the campus store really do hate students. Firstly, there is not a single reasonably priced item in the whole store, except maybe a stamp whose price is fixed by the government.

The clothes, academic supplies and books are just the start of the price gouging. And then there’s the first week of the semester, their favorite time to take advantage of students. Unless you are among the spoiled few whose parents pay for textbooks, you know very well that the campus store charges twice, or thrice the value of your textbooks. And to make it worse, you know they’re making money hand over fist when they say, “We’ll buy your barely used textbook off you for $3.”

And now, in a last ditch effort to be a complete pain in the rear, they are kicking their customers out in the cold. Now everyone who wants to send a package or buy an envelope will have to walk to the distant, uninhabited north end of campus to the mail building.

Scott Kamp ‘13

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