Letter to the editor: Oct. 26


Dear Editor,

Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words has clearly never seen the back of Chimes. Week after week, the back page of Chimes features a “photo essay” with the singular purpose of filling space. At least, this is what I surmise it is for because no other explanation seems to exist. My problem with the back page is three-fold. First, the pictures featured are examples of very poor photojournalism. In photojournalism the pictures themselves should tell the story by using focused shots on small, specific groups of people or things. This is a far cry from the blurry, group shots that are often printed. Multiple pictures of the line waiting for Regina and fun. tickets do not tell me a story. In fact, they don’t tell me anything at all.

But at least those pictures relate to an event at Calvin, unlike the “photo essay” in the Oct. 19 issue of Chimes. Which brings me to my second point: often the pictures do not even relate to life at Calvin. Pictures of fall leaves or winter snow or, even worse, coffee shops, don’t deserve to be on the back of our school’s newspaper. I have nothing against any of those things, but we are an academic institution and the “photo essay” should reflect that. This is why I found the “coffee. coffee! coffee?” essay to be particularly irritating.

And finally, there are much better ways to fill that space than with random, pointless pictures. What about more articles? Or, if that’s a struggle, featuring a calendar of events on campus for the next week? Or what about allowing different clubs highlight their purpose each week? The possibilities are out there. Too bad these blurry images are obscuring our vision.

Erin Coggin ‘13

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