Red Jet Cafe hosts event for The Rapidian


On Nov. 5, local business Red Jet Cafe (located at 1431 Plainfield Ave) is hosting a fundraiser for ultra-local newspaper The Rapidian. The Rapidian is a newspaper focusing on providing news specifically for the greater Grand Rapids area.

The event, called “Night Out for The Rapidian,” highlights the newspaper’s emphasis on explicitly local news. 20 percent of the proceeds the Red Jet Cafe collects will be given to The Rapidian, and Rapidian staff and volunteers will be at the cafe to collect donations.  The event runs from 3-8 p.m.

The newspaper was started with grants from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation and the Knight Foundation, but the grants are now completed. The Rapidian also enables anyone in the Grand Rapids community to become a journalist, providing them with the resources and forum to publish articles on local news.

Red Jet Cafe is known for its specialty coffee (organic and free trade), wood-fired pizzas, fruit smoothies and most importantly for their large variety of crepes. The building the Red Jet Cafe inhabits was formerly the Creston library.

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