200 students join Calvin matchmaking Facebook group

Photo courtesy Facebook.com.
Photo courtesy Facebook.com.

“Are you a single fish swimming in the sem pond sea?” asks the description of the Facebook group “Match Made in Calvin.”

Calvin seniors Marissa DeBoer and Hannah Vander Lugt have developed the online dating system exclusively for Calvin students in the Facebook group.

DeBoer and Vander Lugt confess that the idea for the site came about as a joke. They expected 50 students to join at most, but the Facebook group has nearly 200 members as of Thursday night.

Those who sign up for the site will fill out a questionnaire and be matched to someone through a program Vander Lugt’s fiance is developing. Matches will go on a group date — the first of which will likely be in November.

The girls said the date would be similar to a floor date. They hope having lots of people will help students avoid awkward first dates and have more fun. The girls hinted that the first date could be ice-skating.

DeBoer hopes those skeptical of online dating will give the site a chance, too.

“People should be more open to online dating,” she said.  “We’re not saying that you’re going to meet your soulmate, but you can at least make friends!”

Vander Lugt agreed. She said she thinks there is a lot of pressure to date at Calvin. Their group was created to help eliminate the pressure sometimes associated with dating, so people can just have fun.

Because of the high level of interest, DeBoer recently asked Facebook group members for patience in waiting for the questionnaire and receiving matches. The girls have yet to release a specific date by which students can expect to receive a match.

In the words of the founders: “Meeting the love of your life is not guaranteed, but at least a date is!”

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