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(106) South Division
Other Options
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From January 11 - February 15, 2008, the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History presents Other Options at the (106) South Division Gallery. Curated by the Institute for Community Understanding Between Art and The Everyday (InCUBATE), this is a traveling and evolving exhibition which features artists' projects which re-interpret, alter and create infrastructure that affect their everyday lives, particularly their artistic production.

Artists, groups and projects are listed below.

InCUBATE - Other Options (website) - Sunday Soup (website)

Exhibition Reception
Friday, January 11 from 6-9pm
-featuring Civic Studio, Forays, Material Exchange (bring quarters and $1 bills to play their pinballmachine!) and Phil Orr and Ryan Thompson's Project (RE) (bring old unused red objects to the opening!)

Friday, February 15 from 6-9pm

Civic Studio is an experimental applied studio project of the Grand Valley State University Department of Art and Design and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy.

Viget, a grand rapids wiki, is a collaborative project of Civic Studio and

Forays with steam is an attempt to reveal the obvious though overlooked
steam infrastructure of Grand Rapids, MI, and propose a prototype for
interacting and hacking its excess.

Material Exchange
This project is our next attempt at creating a funding machine, a machine that supports its own existence.

Phil Orr and Ryan Thompson
(RE) is an alternative RED campaign that aims to: raise awareness for AIDS
in Africa, encourage conscious consumption, and provide a means of
involvement for those unwilling or unable to buy (Product) R-ed products.