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(106) South Division
Forest and Family:
Contemporary Images of Ghana
Photographs by David A. Hoekema

"A family is like a forest: from a distance it is dark and dense, but from nearby one can see that each tree is different."  Akan proverb

Having served as Director of the Calvin College Study in Ghana program on two occasions, David A. Hoekema had the opportunity to experience the country, culture and communities of this West African nation. From September 21 - October 19, the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History is pleased to present an exhibition at (106) of photographs by David A. Hoekema, Professor of Philosophy at Calvin College. A selection of 30 images and accompanying text illuminate his experiences.

He writes: "To travel in Ghana as a white American is to be an outsider and an insider-outsider by culture and color, insider because of the warmth with which one is invited to become part of the life of Ghana's communities and families. There is not much forest left amid the sprawling cities and farm villages of southern Ghana, and in the North trees are few in the parched grasslands. But the hardships and dislocations of current politics and economics have not loosened the powerful bonds that unite every individual to parents and uncles and "aunties" and cousins and-most important of all-to the elders of the family. Some of these are alive, while others, still honored and considered part of the family, are now in the realm of the ancestors."

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Exhibition Reception honoring Ga District Sister City
in conjunction with Fall for the Arts gallery, studio and shop hop
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Friday, October 12 (open 6-9pm)
•music and food from West Africa
•proceeds from sale of photographs will benefit Grand Rapids-Accra exchange programs in education and ecumenical cooperation

Click on an image to enlarge (images copyright by David Hoekema).

click to enlarge, linguist
linguist holding chief's staff

click to enlarge, kente cloth
kente cloth for sale

click to enlarge, young girl
young girl carrying baby brother

click to enlarge, traditional musicians
traditional musicians