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Archives: A White Stone, A New Name - Jaimé Johnson

A White Stone, A New Name
Jaimé Johnson

From January 14 to February 11, 2011, the Calvin College (106) Gallery presents "A White Stone, A New Name," a collection of photographs by Jaimé Johnson.

This collection of photographs explores themes of spirituality and identity and is inspired by the theological work of George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis. Both scholars have a poetic and thoughtful approach to exploring one’s relationship to God, and have influenced the narrative structure of Johnson's work.

She writes, "these photographs were constructed in private places where I could be alone to meditate and reflect on the different ideas and emotions stirred when exploring my own relationship with God. Some of the notions depicted in these images include spiritual identity, struggle with change, healing, growth, communication, and the nature of life and existence."

Jaimé Johnson Image Gallery

View images of the artist's work in the image gallery.


Opening Reception
Friday, January 14, 6-9pm

Please join us for the reception on Friday, January 14
from 6-9pm.
Refreshments served.