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Archives: Discourse of the Space and the Specific - Meredith Donnelly & Tia Wierenga

Discourse of the Space and the Specific
Meredith Donnelly & Tia Wierenga

From February 18 to March 18, 2011, the Calvin College (106) Gallery presents "Discourse of the Space and the Specific," an exhibition of work by Meredith Donnelly and Tia Wierenga.

For this exhibition, Donnelly and Wierenga aim to continue this analysis of "The Space" in reference to urban environments and "The Specific" in regards to documentation of particular happenings.

Wierenga maps the intricacies of the urban environment through collage, décollage, ceramics and found objects. Layers of found images illustrate this idea of a decaying urban landscape. The process of purposefully altering objects that have lost their function, value, or preciousness allows her to embrace the notion of incompleteness as it relates to what is old versus what is new in our everyday reality. Similarly, Donnelly attempts to map instances of the everyday, in reference to the personal and specific. Through collage and installation with text, these works represent moments of vulnerability and transition. Her work is in response to moments of change, as pieces of release.

Artist Image Gallery

View images of the artist's work in the image gallery.


Opening Reception
Friday, February 18, 6-9pm

Please join us for the reception on Friday, February 18 from 6-9pm.
Refreshments served.