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(106) Gallery and Studio: Exhibitions and Events

ArtPrize 2016

September 9 - October 9, 2016

ArtPrize is a "radically open competition" held in Grand Rapids, Michigan for two and a half weeks each fall. This year the Calvin College (106) Gallery presents, "INKED, PRESSED, CUT & SEWN."

Included are examples of two- and three-dimensional works of art, where artists respond to and manipulate fiber with needle, brush, blade, marker, press or hand. Synthetic and natural fiber is stretched, combined and broken down during the art making process, revealing qualities of line and light. As a result, we see how material influences design and how fiber serves as an artistic foundation for these artists.

The artists are: Celeste Cooning, Katherine Corpe, Aaron Fein, Shabnam Hosseini, Tatjana Jovancevic, Keren Kroul, Cara Louise, Kari Miller Fenwood, Shannon Mossing, Maureen Nollette, Mark Rospenda, Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk, and Rachelle Wunderink

Please visit their artist pages at our Venue Page or at ArtPrize.

Opening Reception, 6-9pm - Friday, September 23

Join us for the Opening Reception of "INKED, PRESSED, CUT & SEWN," an exhibition of 13 ArtPrize artists at the Calvin College (106) Gallery. Meet the artists, enjoy refreshments and begin your ArtPrize evening in the Hearthside Neighborhood.

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Located at 106 South Division Avenue, this facility is operated by the Calvin College Department of Art and Art History and houses faculty studios and a gallery. Exhibitions embrace faculty, student and community artwork.

The 106 building also houses artist lofts and is part of the Avenue for the Arts project in downtown Grand Rapids, initiated by Dwelling Place
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