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some semblance of order
new work by Nichole Maury

September 2-27, 2008

nichole maury header
From September 2-27, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents some semblance of order - new work by Nichole Maury. The exhibition features over 25 prints, as well as an installation of 27 smaller prints. Maury, an assistant professor at Western Michigan University's School of Art, writes in her artist statement:"A thing printed carries a certain credibility, a truth about it. We want to believe what it tells us because of the labor invested in its production, a drawn mark can seem fallible in comparison...I return to this thought repeatedly in my work...I create a new truth by juxtaposing printed and drawn marks."

Nichole Maury will present an Artist Talk at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, September 17, followed by refreshments and questions in the gallery.

click to enlarge, untitled 1
untitled #1
click to enlarge, untitled 2
untitled #2
click to enlarge, detail of installation
detail of installation "What Remains"