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2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

March 9-17, 2007

From March 9-17 the Calvin College Art Department presents ABOUT THAT TIME, 2007 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition in the Center Art Gallery. The exhibition features work by senior BFA students Robert Bosscher, Taylor Greenfield, Heather Luimes, and Bradley Smith.

Robert Bosscher, who primarily uses clay, enjoys working with his hands to create both functional and sculptural vessels. He states, "I feel there is a cadence to working with clay that is unlike any other medium. Click for full statement.

Although Taylor Greenfield also uses clay as a medium to communicate, her work is driven by the power of narrative. "The relationship between audience and storyteller is a powerful one. A narrative stimulates the imagination and weilds the power to arrest our attentions and emotions. Click for full statement.

Heather Luimes is also interested in using a variety of materials, but finds herself searching for new ways to create and explore patterns within her work. "I am interested in the function of the decorative component within the piece of art and how that affects the visual experience. Click for full statement.

For Bradley Smith, whose work is both sculptural and photographic, his inspiration comes from things he sees or finds. "I'm always on the lookout for nontraditional methods and materials. Through my work, I hope to offer it as an alternative, a way to break free from the autonomy of manufactured cameras and images." Click for full statement.

Click for full press release.

Opening Reception - Friday, March 9 from 7-9pm


Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition II at the 106 S. Division Gallery
March 16-31
Opening Reception - Friday, March 16 from 6-9pm