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Searching for Patterns:
work by Virginia Maksymowicz

January 4-28, 2006

Image: Garden of Earthly Delights, Virginia Maksymowicz

From January 4-28, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents Searching for Patterns: work by Virginia Maksymowicz . This exhibition showcases a variety of sculptural installations by the Pennsylvania-based artist, most of which incorporate the human figure. The works, which span the last 20 years of Maksymowicz's career, attempt to address feminist issues and other issues of social and political concern in order to create a dialogue with the viewer.

For most elements of an installation, Maksymowicz uses a process called "life casting" that makes molds directly from the human body.   The works are cast with handmade paper, and are often coated with clay dust and painted. These materials lend the pieces a sense of fragility and flexibility, creating a dialogue concerning issues linked to the body.

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Public Programs

Gallery Talk“Searching for Patterns”
Virginia Maksymowicz
Wednesday, January 4, 1:30pm
Center Art Gallery

Exhibition Reception
Wednesday, January 4, 7-9 pm
Center Art Gallery
-remarks by the artist at 7:15pm


Interview with Virginia Maksymowicz
by Tracy Guajardo

Review by Sylvia Krissoff in the
Grand Rapids Press