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2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

April 28 - May 6, 2006

From April 28 - May 6 the Calvin College Art Department presents LAUNCH: 2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition in the Center Art Gallery. The exhibition features work by senior BFA students Kevin Buist, Craig Hoeksema, Zoe Perkins, and Joseph Post.

Kevin Buist, who works in a variety of mediums, creates work that appropriates elements from a variety of sources. He states, "my work seeks to pick up pieces of existing archetypes and stories and re-assemble them in jarring, sometimes humorous ways. The resulting conglomerations highlight previously unseen tensions, weaving a new hybrid-mythology." Click for full statement.

Although Craig Hoeksema also works with different mediums, his work is unified through the use of graphite, which he uses to achieve different textures and surfaces. " I enjoy the many different ways that forms can be made with graphite and how subtle these marks can become - sometimes becoming invisible unless viewed at a particular angle." Click for full statement.

Working primarily in photography, Zoe Perkins created multiple narrative photographs through a project where she interviewed and photographed three women who have worked in strip clubs. "Through the course of the project, I have come to realize the importance of my role as the photographer, and further my ideas of what I hope art can do." Click for full statement.

Joe Post's interest in mass media imagery and the relationship between artist and society are evident in his large evocative paintings. His own experiences drive this as he states, " the evolution of my work is rooted in my cultural heritage and upbringing oversees. I have witnessed terrorism in three different cultures, and I have watched as these cultures have reacted and indeed, interacted." Click for full statement.

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Opening Reception - Friday, April 28 from 7-9pm

Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition II at the 106 S. Division Gallery
Open House - Tuesday, May 2 from 2:30-5pm