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Hammer & Hand:
Contemporary American Metal

August 23 - September 25, 2004

From August 23 to September 25, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents Hammer & Hand: Contemporary American Metal, a juried exhibition highlighting some of the best work being produced in contemporary American metal today. Comprised of work by 25 artists from throughout the United States, Hammer & Hand intends to reveal new trends and ideas being produced by today’s best metalsmiths.

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Curatorial Statement

According to legend, the Roman god Vulcan captured lightening bolts to fuel his forge deep in the Earth beneath the volcano, Mt. Etna. Applying his hammer and hand, he crafted weapons for fellow gods and mortal heroes, including thunderbolts for Zeus, a bow and arrows for Cupid, armor for Aeneas, and Helios's magnificent chariot. While 20th century life is a far cry from Vulcan's world, American metalsmiths still make work by grasping hammer in hand and applying force to metal held hot against a steel anvil.

Click for full curatorial statement by exhibition curator, Anna Fariello.


Hammer & Hand Artists:

Rachele Battreall - Grand Rapids, MI

Heather Bayless - Cincinnati, OH

Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez - Henrietta, NY

James M. Charles Jr. - Milwaukee, WI

Jennifer Crupi - Oceanport, NJ

Susan R. Ewing - Oxford, OH

Lydia Gerbig-Fast - Ft. Wayne, IN

Anne Hallam - Indianapolis, IN

Ju-Wen Hsiao - Cleveland Heights, OH

Rob Jackson - Athens, GA

John Lewis Jensen - Pasadena, CA

Mary Frisbee Johnson - Waterloo, IA

Lanelle Keyes - Savannah, GA

Sean Macmillan - Lawrence, KS

Jean Mandeberg - Olympia, WA

Melissa Manley - Greenville, NC

Sharon Massey - Greenville, NC

Colin McDonald - Claredon Hills, IL

Joe Muench - Ames, IA

Kathryn Osgood - Greenville, NC

Sherry Simms - Akron, OH

Anika Smulovitz - Boise, ID

Lin Stanionis - Overbrook, KS

Tara Stephenson - Orchard Park, NY

Charleen Weidell - Denver, CO