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in the art of Marc Chagall and Ben Zion

Two Significant Twentieth Century Portfolios on Biblical Themes

January 5 - 31, 2004

From January 5-31, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents Talmud: in the Art of Ben-Zion and Marc Chagall, an exhibit that brings together the Biblical work of two of the most important Jewish artists of the 20th Century. It features 18 intaglio prints by Ben-Zion and 25 color lithographs by Marc Chagall.

Tal•mud, n. [Heb. talmudh, instruction, from lamadh, to learn] the collection of writings constituting the Jewish civil and religious law: it consists of two parts, the Mishnah (text) and the Germara (commentary), but the term is sometimes restricted to the Germara.
(Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, second edition)

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About the Artists

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