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Bus Project

April 28 - May 22, 2004

Collaborative project by the Calvin College sculpture class

The three sculpture classes at Calvin College (taught by Professor Adam Wolpa) are working collaboratively to develop a dialogue on public transportation. Using the physical component of a full-scale temporary bus stop model as a starting point for communication, the project is just as much about developing discussion on an important social issue as it is about making an object. Students have met with administration to develop options for increasing ridership in the Calvin community, and are surveying students and staff to gain a better understanding of how the system could be improved.

Rapid Facts

Routes 6 and 14 pass by the campus on Burton.

Riding costs only 50 cents with student ID

For more information about public transportation in Grand Rapids visit:

Distant view of bus stop model

The bus stop model is located near the southern entrance to the Hekman Library, next to the Meeter center.

Construction view of structure

Students constructed the model on the site to attract the interest of students and staff.

Construction view of structure

The model bus stop is located next to an existing bike rack. Future plans could seek to develop an "alternative transporation center."

Inside view

View from inside the bus stop in direction of approaching bus.