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Archives: EXQUISITE HISTORY 3 - Visionary Workbook


Visionary Workbook

November 1 - December 17, 2013

From November 1 - December 17, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents EXQUISITE HISTORY 3: Visionary Workbook. The Visionary Workbook completes a series of three books published over the last decade by a collective called The Printmakers Left. This final volume encourages readers to join the group in responding to the challenges and topics of our world's dusky, undecided ascension. Included in this exhibition are workbooks of participating artists, along with related prints, paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Participating artists include: Adam Wolpa, Akemi Ohira Rollando, Anne Beck, Annu Vertanen, Barbara Campbell, Berenika Boberska, Charles Beneke, Christopher Thomas, Clay Witt, Dana Giacofci, David Bendernagel, Dean Dass, Elizabeth Stark, John Schulz, Joshua Dailey, Juan Garcia, Jyrki Markkanen, Kate Daughdrill, Lindsay McCulloch, Lydia Diemer, Lydia Moyer, Maggie Booth, Maggie Sullivan, Patrick Costello, Rachel Livedalen, Rachel Singel and Randall Stoltzfus.

Exquisite History is modeled after the 1493 Nuremberg Chronicle, a history of the world from creation to present day and beyond. For more information, please visit this website.

Image credit top: Berenika Boberska, Scattered Readings
Image credit above: Adam Wolpa, Visionary Workbook


Artist Performance and Reception

Friday, November 1 - 1:30pm (Recital Hall)
A Performance by members of Visionary Workbook.

Reception at 6pm (West Lobby) Refreshments Provided