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Archives: EX X AXIS - Alumni Sculpture

alumni sculpture1

EX X AXIS - Alumni Sculpture
Joe Arens, Kate Bonner, Josh Ippel, Miriam Slager Vanderkooy

September 3 - October 19, 2013

From September 3 to October 19, the Center Art Gallery at Calvin College presents EX X AXIS - Alumni Sculpture. This exhibition brings together the work of four Alumni sculptors that resides in the tension between image and object. Their work is composed of fragments and materials extracted from everyday experience, exploring a space of uncertainty.

alumni 2
Image credit top: Kate Bonner, Among other things
Image credit above: Josh Ippel, Reclining Nude


Alumni Art Conversation and Reception

Friday, October 18 - 1:30pm (Recital Hall)
Moderated by Adam Wolpa, associate professor of art with Joe Arens, Josh Ippel, Miriam Slager Vanderkooy and Ryan Thompson.

Reception at 6pm (West Lobby) Refreshments Provided