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The Prodigal Son Collection

The Father & His Two Sons: The Art of Forgiveness Images of the Prodigal Son from the Larry & Mary Gerbens Collection


In 2008-09 Larry and Mary Gerbens donated their collection of prodigal son artwork to their alma mater Calvin College. To celebrate this gift, the Calvin College Center Art Gallery held an exhibit in conjunction with the Calvin Symposium on Worship. These pieces now join the college's permanent collection.

This collection arose out of a love for and belief in the impact of the visual arts in our flourishing as God's human creatures. The works of art are the visual testimonies of wonderfully gifted artists on the nature of forgiveness as expressed in the parable of the prodigal son.

Lending the Collection

In the spirit of learning and sharing with others, the collection will be available for lending. Please contact Betty Sanderson for information.