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The Permanent Collection



The permanent collection of art at Calvin College consists of over 1500 works of art dating from the 16th-century to present. Early pieces are primarily of European origin, while the most recent works are heavily American. The collection features many works created by members of the college's alumni and faculty, as well as pieces by Michigan and Midwest artists.

Permanent Collection Finds a Home!

The Center Art Gallery includes a gallery dedicated to displaying work from the permanent collection. During the 2015-16 season, the gallery features a selection of Michigan Landscapes and decorative arts objects from the Wilhelmina Kalsbeek Collection.

90 years
image credit: Armand Merizon, Lake Michigan North

Permanent Collection Photo Gallery

View a selection of work in the exhibition image gallery.

The Prodigal Son Joins the Permanent Collection

In 2008-09 Larry and Mary Gerbens donated their collection of prodigal son artwork to their alma mater Calvin College. To celebrate this gift, the Calvin College Center Art Gallery held an exhibit in conjunction with the Calvin Symposium on Worship. These pieces joined the college's permanent collection and are available for loan.



To donate artwork or funds towards a piece of art for the permanent collection, please contact Joel Zwart, Director of Exhibitions.