Recruiting Teacher Graduates

Career Development

Teacher List for Employers

Email us to request the list of recent (or soon to be) teacher graduates seeking employment.

Credential Files

We have moved to self-managed credential files, so starting with 2015-16 graduates, please contact candidates directly to request their credential files. For those who graduated prior to 2015-16, we maintain a credential file for most of our teacher graduates for five years. If you're interested in viewing a file contact us - or fill out the credential file request form.

Recruiting Teachers Resources

  • We are more than happy to host you for on-campus interviews. Contact Kristy to coordinate a visit that will work for you.
  • We co-sponsor two teacher job fairs annually, the Out-of-State Teacher Fair and Teacher Search. Contact Laurie for more information about job fairs.
  • We post jobs for free on CalvinLink or e-mail your postings to