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CalvinLink is a free online system that allows you to manage your own postings, as well as view candidate resumes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CalvinLink?

CalvinLink is an online system for posting jobs created by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Direct Employers, and Symplicity.

Through this system, employers can:

  • Post jobs for free to Calvin students/alumni, or pay to post jobs to multiple schools (see a list of schools that use the NACElink Network).
  • Search resumes.
  • Coordinate on-campus recruiting.

NACElink Network is used by hundreds of schools across the country. If you have logged into a NACElink system at another school, you can use the same username and password to log in to CalvinLink.

How do I post a job for Calvin students/alumni to view?

  • Create an account. The first time, click on the "Register" tab. You can also create an account and post a job simultaneously through the "Register and Post Local Job" tab, though the job will not be active until after we have approved your account.
  • Your request for an account will be received, and our office will process that request. Once we've approved your request, you'll receive an e-mail with your password. This should take less than one business day. If it takes longer, please call us at (616) 526-6485.
  • You can post your job for Calvin students/alumni for free on CalvinLink. For a fee, you can also post your job to multiple schools.
  • If you prefer not to create your own account, we can create one for you. E-mail your job to us or fax it to (616) 526-6502.

How do I schedule an on-campus visit?

We help employers schedule on campus interviews, information sessions, and displays. Our on-campus recruitment coordinator, Kristy Dykhouse, would be happy to help you schedule your visit. Contact Kristy for assistance. Once your visit has been entered into the system, you'll use your account to monitor applicants and view the day's schedule.

Can I view job seekers' resumes?

Job seekers can upload their resume into CalvinLink. You should be able to view them using the "resume book" link. If you don't have access to this link, let us know and we'll give it to you.

More questions?

Contact us (616) 526-6485,