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Stories: Agents of Renewal - Scott Blasco '00

Scott Blasco '00
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Scott Blasco has nothing but praise for the music program at Calvin. “The faculty at Calvin helped me understand music in a different way,” he said. “I often struggled with what the relationship should be between my music and my audience.”

Now a graduate student in religion at Fuller Theological Seminary, Blasco has come to a place where he understands better the relationship between talent and calling. “Now when I write music,” he said, “I’m not writing it for me. I see it as holding out an olive branch to my audience, offering praise by mirroring the Creator.”

While Blasco recognized that the Fine Arts Center was short on practice space, he still appreciated the live music he experienced there: “I appreciated the performances at Calvin and how sometimes the orchestra would transcend itself. The music was so much more than any of us as individuals could put into it.”

After he finishes his master of arts in theology degree, Blasco plans to start a doctoral program in music. He also plans to repay his Calvin professors someday in the best way he knows how: by continuing to compose and, one day, to teach.

Scott Blasco '00
Pasadena, Calif.
Music Theory and Composition
Percussionist, Composer
Graduate Student, Fuller Theological Seminary