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Stories: Agents of Renewal - Christine Metzger '89

Preparing children to transform culture is my work of renewal.

Christine Metzger '89
  • When you give to Calvin,

  • An inner-city school focused on renewal becomes more sustainable.

  • A vision for Shalom is carried out in every aspect of an alumna’s work.

  • Children begin to see themselves
    as image-bearers of God.

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Christine Metzger grew up in a public school system and found her vision for Christian education when she came to Calvin.

“I believe God created us to be spiritual people, and Calvin is the place where I discovered that side of myself. When you realize that your faith and life can blend seamlessly, it’s a revelation — so once I experienced a Christian education, I knew that’s what I would pursue.”

Christine received her Bachelor of Arts in elementary education from Calvin and her master’s degree in educational leadership from Covenant College. After holding administrative positions in Christian schools in Florida and Colorado, she is now the head of Mustard Seed School just outside of New York City in Hoboken, N.J. It’s a model urban school that has a reputation for diversity and for implementing progressive programs in education, music, art and worship.

“One of the things that drew me to Mustard Seed and the urban school environment was the amazing amount of diversity in one square mile. The kingdom of God is going to be more than just one color and one ethnicity, and that’s what we see right here in our school.”

Unusual among Christian schools, Mustard Seed School admits children from all faith backgrounds, currently including Jewish, Muslim and Hindu children. “They come here because their parents value the learning community that we have created and the beautiful ways in which children are taught to value themselves and others as individuals and image-bearers of God.”

As only the second head of school in 28 years, Christine is looking to bring Mustard Seed School to the next phase in its life. She has been working hard to establish more financial stability for the school and has successfully completed a major fund-raising campaign. She has her eyes set on a new strategic plan; she’s thinking long-term about sustaining the school’s mission; and she’s looking for ways to let people know about the gift that Mustard Seed School is to her students and the community.

She also sees an opportunity at Mustard Seed to carry out a philosophy that she developed as an undergraduate. “At Calvin there is an understanding of children as image-bearers of God and a willingness to look outside the box for the things that bring renewal.

“With this vision for Shalom, each day we strive to make things right with our classmates, our fellow teachers and our neighbors. If we are intentional, each day we can move one step closer to the kingdom of God.”

Christine Metzger '89
Head of School, Mustard Seed School
Covenant College, M.E.D.’95