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Scholarship and research

Vision & Priorities: Scholarships & Financial Aid

The college exceeded its goals, raising $22.3 million for scholarships and financial aid while raising $25.6 million for faculty research and development.

More than 300 new scholarships for students

Scholarships Designation
Dr. Melissa Meyer Adams Memorial Scholarship First-year student
African Scholarship in Engineering Engineering
AJV Nursing/Pre-Med Scholarship Nursing/Pre-Med
Dr. Robert J. Albers Memorial Scholarship Biochemistry
Chester J. Alkema Art and Music Scholarship Art/Music
Charles and Gail Alles Family Scholarship
Alto Precision in Honor of Willis M. Clark Scholarship Engineering
Alumni Association Minority Scholarship Diversity
Ruth Rosendall Alward Scholarship Nursing
Ruth Rosendall Alward Honors Scholarship Nursing
Auxilium Scholarship First-year student
Kenneth E. and Jean Baker Sophomore Mathematics Scholarship Math
Kenneth E. and Jean Baker Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Kenneth E. and Jean Baker Nursing and Music Scholarship Nursing and Music
Kenneth E. and Jean Baker Mathematics and Music Scholarship Math and Music
Bakker Family Missions Award Missions
Richard Ballast Scholarship Any
Bank One Business Award Business
Bay Area, California Alumni Chapter Scholarship California students
Julius and Sylvia Becksvoort Scholarship Pre-Sem
John and Thea Beebe Biology Scholarship Biology
Bellevue CRC Scholarship Students from Bellevue CRC, Washington
Henry Bengelink Memorial Scholarship Biology
Edward W. Berends Memorial Scholarship
Berg Leadership Scholarship Leadership Activities
Berg Nuclear Energy Scholarship Engineering
Edward and Cynthia Berghuis Family Scholarship
Christine Betten Memorial Scholarship Child of a single parent
Blodgett Memorial Hospital Class of 1962 Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Dr. Robert J. Blok Scholarship Medicine
Bode/Stouwie Family Scholarship First-year student
Bretton and Kimberly Bolt Family Scholarship Nursing, pre-professional for career serving the elderly
John K. and Betty Boerema Family Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Ralph Stob and Boertje Family Scholarship Classics/Latin
Bretton and Kimberly Bolt Family Scholarship Nursing/Pre-OT/Pre-PT/Pre-SLP
Rich and Trena Boonstra Family Scholarship First-year student, CA
R. Scott and Susan Boot Family Scholarship Kalmazoo Christian student
Jan André Bootsma Scholarship Business
Bette and John Bosma Teacher Education Scholarship Education
Dr. Donald H. Bouma Sociology and Social Work Scholarship Sociology/Social Work
Richard and Laurel Bouma Family Scholarship
Boumgarden/Koranda Scholarship Naperville, IL student
Sandra Bowden Art Scholarship Studio Art/Art Education
Katherine and Annette Bratt Scholarship Elementary Education
Phyllis Van Vugt-Bratt Family Scholarship Nursing
Gysbert and Marie Bron Scholarship Education
Arlene and Ray Bruggink Music Scholarship Music
Jack A. Bruining Memorial Scholarship Kalamazoo Christian student
A. Dale and Mary Buist Family Scholarship Education
Bultema Family Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Bultema Family Engineering Scholarship Engineering
Business as Mission Scholarship Business, Economics, IDS
Business/International Development Scholarship for Off-Campus Studies Business/Economics/International Development
C.J. Byeman Memorial Scholarship Business/Engineering/Economics
Jeneveine M. Candler Vocal Scholarship Jr/Sr.
James and Judith Chambery Scholarship Health Care Management
Chemical Engineering Scholarship Chemical Engineering
Chicago Alumni Chapter Scholarship Chicago area student
Chinese Visiting Student Program First-year student
Daimler Chrysler Engineering Scholarship Engineering
Colorado Alumni Chapter Scholarship Student from CO
Dale and Marcia Cooper Family Scholarship First-year, international student
John and Marjorie Cooper Scholarship Missions
Elsa Cortina Scholarship Spanish
Crowe Chizek & Co. LLC Outstanding Accounting Student Scholarship Accounting
Roy De Boer Memorial Scholarship Education
James J. and Helen A. DeJonge Voice Scholarship Music
Daniel De Lange Family Scholarship First-year student
Henrietta De Loof Scholarship Upperclass student
De Neut Family Scholarship First-year student
Steven De Rose Family Scholarship Computer Science
Debra Deur Scholarship Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Geology, Environmental Science, Physics
De Vries Family Scholarship First-year student, first generation at college
Edward and Marvin De Vries Scholarship for Twins Twins
Sally and Bert de Vries Archeology Scholarship Archaelogy
Alvin and Geraldine De Young Family Scholarship Student from Cerritos High School, CA
Diekema Family Scholarship Diversity
DJV Future Business Leader Scholarship Business
DornerWorks Computer/Software Engineering Scholarships Engineering/Computer Science
D.P.H.O.J.L. Scholarship Education, Nursing, English, Communications/Religion
Kenneth F. Draayer Memorial Scholarship Business
Drukker Family Calvin Scholarship Classical Languages/Education
Henry and Juanita Dungey Entrada Victory Scholarship Entrada graduate
Dutch International Society Scholarship Dutch
Patricia S. Duthler International Development Leadership Scholarship International Development
Sandra Anne Bos Duyst Memorial Scholarship Jr, Sr., Physical Education or Recreation
Brian E. Dyk Memorial Scholarship Education
Kenneth and Barbara Dyk Scholarship Kalamazoo Christian student
Art and Marilyn Dykstra Scholarship Education
Earhart Foundation Scholarship Michigan Colleges Foundation
Eastern Avenue CRC China Scholarship Chinese student
Eelkema Scholarship First-year student
Elliot Scholarship Nursing
Jim and Ruth Essenberg Sikkema Family Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Ezra Scholarship Biology, Education
Charles J. Faber Memorial Scholarship First-year student
Faith Works Scholarship Grandville High School graduate
Find Us Faithful - Lester and Gladys De Vries Family Scholarship Education
Fongers Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Forever 21 Scholarship Chinese Students
Friends of Music Scholarship Music
Alan and Genevieve Gebben Family Scholarship Biology
Gentex Corporation Engineering Scholarship Engineering
John and Mary Gideon Family Scholarship Education
God Has No Border Medical Scholarship Pre-med
Beulah Goodenough Memorial Scholarship Education
Gratitude Foundation Scholarship First-year international student
Diane Wisse Greenfield Scholarship Nursing
Laura and Gary Greenfield Chemistry and Math Scholarship Chemistry/Math
Arthur J. and Laura Jean Gritter Family Scholarship Special Education
Kathryn Groenevelt Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Chris Gronsman Memorial Business Scholarship Business/Accounting
Gulf Coast Florida Chapter Scholarship Florida area
Trena Haan Voice Scholarship Music
The Herbert H. Hansen and Colby E. Morath Any
James and Beatrice Harkema Family Scholarship Pre-Med, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology
Barbara and Everett Hassing Family Scholarship Education
Adelene Haverhals Scholarship in Memory of Dorothy Otter Lynden, WA
Annemary Heerspink Memorial Social Work Scholarship Social Work
Kurt and Kathy Heidmann Scholarship
Donna and Louis Hekman Scholarship
Jacob and Kathryn Hekman Scholarship Pre-Sem
William John Heule Memorial Scholarship Biology
Frank and Bernice Hiskes Scholarship Engineering/Business
Hobbs Family Scholarship First-year student
Leonard J. and H. Elaine Hofman Music Scholarship Music
The Donald and Barbara Holtrop Family Scholarship First-year student
Hazel Holtrop Natural Resources Scholarship Biology
Phil and Marie Holtrop Chinese Student Scholarship Chinese student
Honderd Family Special Education Scholarship Special Education
James and Mary Hooyenga Fund Preference for students from Sun Valley, CA
H. John and Sandra Hooyer Family Nursing Scholarship Nursing
George and Sena Houtman Memorial Scholarship Student from Rehoboth, NM
Chris and Carla Huang Minority Scholarship First-year student
Ann, Myrtle, Eunice, Faith, and Marie Huizenga Schp for Women Nursing/Pre-Med/Social Work
Clarence Huizenga Family Faculty Honors Scholarship Business/Economics
Mary Huizenga Special Education Scholarship Education
Randal L. Huizenga Scholarship First-year student
International Engineering Internship Assistance Fund Engineering
International Student Scholarship International student
Ipema/Wells Family Minority Scholarship Diversity
Richard and Jane Iwema Scholarship Education
Jacobsen Family Scholarship Education, Business/Economics
John and Gwendolyn Jansma Scholarship Psychology
Harley A. and Julia Janssen Scholarship Education/Chemistry/Biochemistry
Janson Entrepreneurial Scholarship Business
Nicholas Jelles Honors Scholarship Pre-Dental
Dr. Harold J. Johnson Scholarship Art/Math
Paul W. Johnson Scholarship Education
James Kempema Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth E. Kennedy Scholarship Michigan Colleges Foundation
Bruce and Alice Klanderman Scholarship Chemistry/Biochemistry/Chemical Engineering
Beverly Klooster Endowed Scholarship Biology
Warren and Dorothy Koop Scholarship Business
James D. Korf Theatre and Media Scholarship CAS
Thomas and Rosalie Kreulen Scholarship Diversity, students with disabilities
Krombeen/Mastandrea Business Scholarship Business
Jay and Martina Kuiper Family Business Scholarship Business
Florence G. Kuipers Scholarship North American, diversity
LA / Orange County Alumni Association Scholarship California student
Roger L. and Marcia L. Lamer Family Engineering Scholarship Engineering
Sanford and Marjory Leestma Family Scholarship in Mathematics Math
Francis and Trena Lieuwen Scholarship Engineering
Carlton and Verna Lindell Memorial Scholarship Michigan Colleges Foundation
Benjamin and Lori Lion Interim Scholarship Interim travel
William J. and Glenda Masselink Scholarship Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Med, Physics
Media and Christianity Scholarship CAS
Medical Challenge Scholarship Nursing/Pre-Med
Laurie Mervenne Scholarship for Women in Business Business
Michigan Board of Education Scholarship Education
Michigan Industrial Tools Pathway to Business Possibilities Scholarship Business
Michigan-Lakeshore Alumni Chapter Scholarship Michigan- Lakeshore area student
Michigan Press Association Foundation Community Journalism Scholarship Journalism
Michmerhuizen Family Scholarship Any
Bradley C. Miller Scholarship Off Campus Programs
Vincent and Alida Miller Scholarship IDS
MJB Educational Scholarship Education
MN, Twin Cities Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund Minnesota student
Donald and Kathleen Molewyk Family Scholarship
Gertrude Ellens Mulder Memorial Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Multicultural Scholarship Diversity
Multicultural Graduate Student Support Graduate student
Neighborhood Service Award Scholarship Community Service
New Jersey/New York City Alumni Chapter Scholarship New Jersey/New York area student
Paul W. Newhof Memorial Scholarship Engineering
NSF Scientific Computing Scholarship Computer Science
Jacob and Jeannette Nyenhuis Scholarship Education
Larry R. Nyhoff Scholarship in Computer Science Computer Science
Ontario Chapter Scholarship Fund student from Ontario area
Carol Pasterkamp Memorial Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Bernard and Jane Pekelder Special Education Scholarship Education
Pella Iowa Alumni Chapter Scholarship Student from Pella, Iowa
Perseverance Scholarship Student w/ a physical disability
Philadelphia, PA Alumni Chapter Scholarship Fund Student from PA
Phoenix Alumni Chapter Scholarship Student from Phoenix area
David Post Family Nursing Honors Scholarship Nursing
John and Lorene Postma Scholarship
Potvin Scholarship Business
Norine E. Potts Scholarship Music
Prince Family Scholarship Education
Pro-Life Volunteerism Scholarship Volunteer
Roy A. Reimer Memorial Scholarship Music
Alfred J. Reynolds and Bette Reynolds Goote Scholarship in Psych Psychology
Donald P. Rhoads Scholarship for International Students International students
Elizabeth (Betty) Ribbens Memorial Scholarship Education
Richwood Industries Pathways to Business Scholarship Business/Business-related (i.e. Education/Engineering)
Dr. K. Patrick and Dolores Rode Scholarship Traverse City
Theodore A. Rottman Scholarship in Social Justice Sociology
Loren and Dian Rupke Business Scholarship Business
Schneider Education Scholarship Education
Stephen and Anne Scholler Family Scholarship First-year student
Ellen Schreuder Family Scholarship
Andy W. Schrier Memorial Scholarship History/Political Science/Social Work
Roland and Ellen Schroder Legacy Scholarship Business, Education, Sociology, Engineering
Shutz Family Scholarship
Richard and Jill Siegers Family Scholarship Business
Dr. Howard J. Slenk Music Scholarship Music
George M. and Mabel H. Slocum Foundation Scholarship
Carol F. Smith Memorial Scholarship First-year student
Hank and Marcia Snapper Family Scholarship Southern CA student
Social Work Scholarship Social Work
Southwest Michigan Alumni Chapter Scholarship Southwest Michigan
Charles and Kay Spoelhof Engineering Scholarship Engineering
John L and Carolyn J. Steen Education Scholarship Education
Charles J. and Marianne Stehouwer Business Scholarship Business
Edward C. and Hazel L. Stephenson Foundation Endowed Scholarship
Norma Weiden Sterk Teaching Scholarship Education
Jennie and Sylvia Stielstra Scholarship Education
Alfred and Bernice Strikwerda Family Honors Scholarship Any
James and Dolly (Hofman) Strikwerda Scholarship Science - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry/Mathematics
Sub-Saharan African Student Scholarship Student from Africa
Jerry and Alice Hertel Talen Scholarship
Dr. Bernard J. Ten Broek Biology Scholarship Biology
Bernard and Harriet te Velde Family Scholarship Special Education/Nursing
John H. te Velde Memorial Scholarship student from Southern California
Jan D. and Nancy M. Treur Family Scholarship Education
Roger and Geraldine Triemstra Communications Scholarship CAS
Tucson Arizona Chapter Scholarship Student from Tuscon, AZ
Doris Tuinstra Cross Cultural Scholarship IDS
Jacob and Jennie Tuinstra Scholarship Business/Accounting
David B. Tuuk Sport Management Scholarship Physical Education (Sport Management)
John and Antoinette Ubels Family Scholarship Secondary Education - Math
Unity in Diversity Kalamazoo Scholarship Student from Kalamazoo, MI
Glen and Gloria Van Andel Student Scholarship Recreation
Phyllis VanAndel CAS Scholarship CAS
Elmer and Marie Van Beek Family Scholarship Engineering
Richard and Janice Van Deelen Scholarship Political Science, Pre-Law
Jerrian (M.D.) and Anna (Terpstra) Van Dellen Geology Scholarship Geology/Environmental Geology
John and Marian VandenBerg Scholarship Economics/Education
VanderBeek/Palma Piano Scholarship Music
Gordon J. VanderBrug Scholarship Computer Science/Mathematics
Margaret and Donald Vander Haar Scholarship Science Education
Curtis and Lisa Vander Meer Scholarship Art/Art History
Ron and Sharon Vander Pol Scholarship
Stanley and Thelma Vander Pol Scholarship
Joel S. Vander Sloot Memorial Scholarship Art
Dr. Corwin G. and Ina June Van Der Veer Family Medical Scholarship Pre-med/Nursing
VanDerWoude Science Scholarship Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics
Dr. Glenn Van Dommelen Family Medical Scholarship Pre-Med
Richard and Esther Van Hattem Covenant Scholarship
Jessica Ann VanHeest Memorial Scholarship Nursing
Herb Van Iddekinge Memorial scholarship Holland Christian student
Edwin J. and Elaine F. Van Kley Scholarship History
Van Randwyk Family Scholarship Engineering
Kenneth J. Van Spronsen Memorial Upper Class Scholarship Business
Robert and Joan Van Spronsen Family Scholarship First-year student
Cornelius and Leona Van Valkenburg Scholarship Student who attended Riverside CRC
George Van Wesep Scholarship Education
William E. and Margaret J. Van Wienen Family Scholarship Junior
Van Wyk Risk and Financial Management Internship Fund Student internship
William and Lois Venema Pre-Dental Scholarship Pre-Dental
Harry and Bernice Vermeer Family Pella Promise Student from Pella, Iowa
Rudolfo E. Vilaro Memorial Scholarship Education
William and Betty Jane Vogelzang Achievement Scholarship Sr., Achievement
Lyle and Barbara (Duimstra) Voskuil Family Scholarship Economics/Political Science
Steven and Wendy Voss Trust Scholarship First-year student, students with disabilities
Vrieland Family Business and Music Honors Scholarship Business/Economics
Edwin and Eleanor Vrieland Scholarship Chemistry
A. Donald Vroon Scholarship for Physical Education Physical Education
Rev. Alfred and Mrs. Henrietta Walcott Memorial Scholarship Pre-Seminary student
Valetta Walton Memorial Nursing Scholarship Nursing
Wal-Mart Scholarship (Holland Store #1942) Any
Lloyd and Arlene Warners Family Keyboard Scholarship Piano
Washington DC Alumni Chapter Scholarship DC area student
Washington, Lynden Alumni Chapter Scholarship Lynden, WA
Edward and Nancy Wasmer Family Honors Scholarship Engineering/Music
Kenneth and Sharon Wasmer Family Scholarship Engineering
Charles R. and Marie Werner Scholarship Nursing
West Michigan Optometric Scholarship Biology/Biotechnology
Richard and Sylvia Wevers Scholarship Classics
William M. and Audrey Stanton Wiebenga Scholarship
John and Theresa B. Wierenga Family Scholarship Education
Carol Wilson Career Scholarship Computer Science, SWK, Special Education, Business
Carol Wilson Freshman Scholarship First-year student
Gayla R. Witte Oratorio Scholarship Music
Jeannette and Menno Wolters Family Scholarship Elementary Education
James and Mary Workman Family Engineering Honors Scholarship Engineering
Wendell and Dorothy Yonker Family Scholarship Education/Business
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Yonker Scholarship Religion/Missions
Whitney Young Outreach Scholarship Nursing
Mary E. Vanden Bosch Zwaanstra Scholarship in Social Work & Gerontology Social Work
Bernard Zylstra, S.J.D. Memorial Scholarship History, Philosophy, Political Science
Carol Lee Zylstra Music in Worship Scholarship Music
Joel M. and Linda L. Zylstra Family Scholarship First-year student
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Calvin must continue its tradition of affordable excellence.

Calvin College is acclaimed nationwide as a great value, offering an excellent Christian liberal arts education at an affordable price. Year after year, Calvin tuition falls below that of almost all its peer institutions.

However, many Calvin students, who increasingly come from a range of socioeconomic backgrounds, find meeting tuition a challenge. The average debt at graduation for students who rely on education loans to finance college—even as part of a financial aid package—is $21,000.

Gifts to this endowment will build a fund for scholarships and financial aid, a resource for students who qualify based on either need or merit. This fund will also allow the college to keep tuition increases modest.

Affordability is a key to Calvin’s continued success in attracting a diverse student population, improving the already impressive international student presence on campus, and strengthening retention and graduation rates.

Annual Peer Institution Tuition & Fees (2007-2008)

2007-2008 Annual Peer Institution Tuition and Fees

Did you know?

  • Barron’s Best Buys in College EducationCalvin is a perennial “Best Buy” according to Barron’s Best Buys in College Education.

  • Denominational ministry shares from the Christian Reformed Church, constant at about $2.8 million per year, contribute less than four percent of Calvin’s annual budget. Just 25 years ago, shares contributed almost 20 percent of the budget.

  • Calvin draws its student body from all 50 states, many Canadian provinces and more than 50 countries.

  • Calvin has the sixth-largest international student population of any liberal arts college in the United States.

  • More than 90 percent of Calvin students benefit from some form of financial aid.