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Campus Commons

Vision & Priorities: Campus Commons

The new Campus Commons will be the place where the Calvin community gathers and where the all-important conversations continue.

At Calvin, scholarship extends beyond the classroom. Deep learning, the kind of learning that shapes a student’s beliefs and choices, happens when discussions of the classroom continue over dinner with friends or a cup of coffee with a professor or during a club meeting.

The new 120,000-square-foot Campus Commons will provide an intimate and welcoming space for these interactions. Combining flexible dining options, a campus store, Student Life offices and a variety of meeting spaces, the new Commons will be the hub of campus life.

Currently, Calvin students, faculty and staff eat their meals in several locations around the campus. Sixty-thousand square feet of the Commons will be devoted to bringing the Calvin community together at the table — in the bakery, the café, the sub shop or the state-of-the-art dining hall.

For 40 years Calvin students have found the Chaplain’s Office in the Commons at the center of campus life. The new Campus Commons will keep the chaplain, and a team of people committed to spiritual growth of the community, in that same central location.

The new Campus Commons will also house student government, student publications, the many vibrant student organizations and the Service-Learning Center. Endowment funds dedicated to the Commons will ensure that the entire Calvin community has a good place to gather.

Did You Know?

• Study after study has shown that faculty-student interaction outside the classroom has positive effects on student academic achievement, educational and career goals, intellectual and personal development and retention rates.

• Over one million meals a year are served to students on Calvin's campus.

• Only a handful of student organizations existed when the Commons was built in 1967. Today there are more than 60.

• Originally built in 1967 and annexed in 1979, the Commons has had only minor modifications throughout the years.