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Vision & Priorities

Leadership carries an obligation. It also carries a cost.

Rooted in its Reformed tradition, Calvin remains committed to its mission: to continue forming the hearts and minds that will bring renewal to a complex and ever-changing world. With this goal in view, the college has been a faithful steward of its many God-given resources: facilities, intellect, talent and finances.

But at this crucial moment in Calvin’s history, when the college is expanding its influence as never before, several factors have combined to threaten its impact. Trends in higher education, a changing economy and the college’s own careful management have all made Calvin vulnerable.

Building Endowment, Improving Facilities

Calvin faculty, the heart of the institution, require increased funding to continue doing the research and writing that distinguishes them internationally as leaders in their fields. Today’s Calvin students, who come from a variety of backgrounds, need scholarship dollars to benefit from a Calvin education. Calvin facilities, considered state-of-the-art when built, urgently need improvement to accommodate both the growing student body and the college’s innovative programming.

Calvin requires the support of every alumnus and alumna, every faculty and staff member and every friend of the college if it is to continue training the next generation of Christian leaders for the work of renewal.

It is time to build a Calvin endowment commensurate with the college’s mission.