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Young alumni atop the Calvin College

The Calvin Annual Fund

Every student. Every day.

What is it?

Gifts from alumni and friends to the Calvin Annual Fund provide revenue for the daily operation of the college. Every resource used by our faculty, staff and students—from chapel hymnals to science lab beakers—is paid for in part by the Calvin Annual Fund.

How does the annual fund differ from endowment?

Funds generated by Calvin’s endowment are allocated for specific uses while revenue from the annual fund is disbursed on a current-use basis to meet the college’s everyday needs. Contributions to both funds are vital to the well-being of the college.

Why is it important?

Whereas tuition provides the greatest revenue for resources used daily at the college, the Calvin Annual Fund makes up the amount that tuition doesn’t cover.Throughout Calvin’s history, tuition dollars have fallen short of education’s actual cost.The annual fund helps to bridge this gap.

Make a Gift

Help us meet our Calvin Annual Fund goal today by giving online at our secure Web site.

Double Your Gift

Many companies match the gifts their employees make to Calvin. Often, spouses and retired employees may participate as well. Matching Gift Company Online Search